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FRIGORIFICO ALLANA  LIMITED a member of ALLANA Group of companies Corned meat manufacturing plant is the most modern integrated meat complex in Asia. It is located in the Disease free zone - Aurangabad District of Maharashtra State in India. It has been designed and built to meet the most stringent EEC and FDA standards. In this vertically integrated plant the main products namely, Corned Meat and Frozen Meat are processed on the upper floor while the by-products processing is carried out on the ground floor to maintain plant hygiene standard at the highest level.

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All animals slaughtered at the ultra modern abattoir-cum-meat complex undergo ante mortem and continuous postmortem inspection, carried  out by the government veterinarians and the entire Corned Meat processing operation is under the supervision of Central Government Inspection Agency. A comprehensive veterinary health certificate is issued for every consignment of Corned Meat Confirming its suitability for human consumption.

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The product  is manufactured exclusively from animals which have been slaughtered strictly in accordance with Islamic rites. A Halal certificate is provided for every consignment. Corned Meat is produced from thoroughly trimmed fore-quarter & hind-quarter cuts and has appealing pinkish red colour, pleasant flavour, characteristic of Corned Meat. Corned Meat - is packed in rectangular OTS Cans of 340 gms. (12 oz.) nett. The cans are then packed in corrugated export-worthy cartons of 24 cans x 340 gms. nett each.

Labels are in English/Arabic & English. If required products can be labelled in other languages also.